Are parents biased ?

A beautiful family of four, consisting of two daughters and parents were enjoying Sunday dinner at a restaurant. Mother was selecting best part of vegetables and serving it to elder one and younger one was enjoying on her own. At a glance, the family looked naturally divided as elder one with mother and younger one with father.

Father was training elder one as heir to his empire, while considering younger one to be too young for any guidance as yet, giving her the freedom to enjoy life on her own.

Elder one had not only best of vegetables served but also best of education, best of Training and well set life abroad.On the other hand, younger one was told that she needs to be with parents as her parents want at least one child to be with them.

Times changed, parents got separated, mother went to live with elder one and younger remained with father. Apart from this life was still same, best vegetables and enjoying or choosing life on her own.

Were parents biased or it was just that they didn’t get chance to change the destiny of younger one, as she was too young to be guided.

New Generation – undirected or misdirected?

If you want to experience the history sit with older people and if you want to see the future sit with youth. The best person to know new generation is a teacher. They are closest to new generation.

Akash and Arth were both in same class. Arth used to be most attentive in class. Always asking questions,ensuring that he gets the topic thoroughly in class itself.

On the other hand, Akash was always creating nuisance in class, passing comments and disturbing whole link of teaching. He would call himself Skyboy literal translation of his name akaash. That was fine as far as it was in conversations but he took it too far. In his mid term exams, he wrote his name as skyboy in paper.

When a teacher highlighted this to the Principal and he was questioned about it. He very casually answered I like this as my name so I wrote what I like.

His parents were called to meet the Principal. Surprisingly, they supported all his absenteeism, his unruly behaviour stating that he is studying forcibly here while he is interested in going for government job. As his ultimate goal is great so we are ignoring his present behaviour thinking that failure here would make him think seriously for future.

Considering students like Arth, we cannot question whole generation, but students like Akash are more so this incident made me think is this generation undirected or misdirected?

Understanding life !

Today I don’t have a story, it’s just a random thought after coming across some heartily living beings.

As a child, we hardly know the meaning of life, we are just at a learning stage.As an adolescent we are too busy in exploring life that we forget to find the meaning.By the time we reach adulthood, life has already taught us many lessons, however, do we still know the meaning?

By the time, we reach the age of maybe 60 or 60+, we now have time to revisit the memories and find the meaning of life,probably its late now to rewrite or reunderstand it.

when we are child no one tells us, when we are adolescent we don’t have time we we are youth we don’t listen then it’s gone.

we lost the years to find purpose of life, we lost years to find how to live a life.

Rethink today, find your purpose, find your little joyous moments today before it’s too late, because only then at the end of the day you won’t have regrets, a sunset with regrets is definitely not a beautiful one, isn’t it?

A teacher’s treasure

Dhani has been teacher ever since. When she was a child she used role play as a teacher and act like her school teachers.

Probably, she was destined to be a teacher that is why she used to play as teacher, never as a student or principal or anyone else.

One fine morning, it was around 8 am, when she was getting ready for institute where she was working as a part time tutor. She was in her 60s now, retired from routine 9 to 6 job. As she could not think of day without teaching so she used to go to this institute.

She got a video call from her old student, whom she had taught in class vii around 10 years ago.

She was bit surprised, but happily attended the video call. The boy of around 22 , short hair, big eyes, wearing a sky shirt with dark blue stripped tie, holding two pants in his hands one rust colored and another black. Before Dhani could speak, Rishi immediately said “sorry to disturb you such early morning madam, today is my first day at job, please tell me which one will look more professional?”

Dhani smiled and said fo with black one and congratulations for the job. God bless you with loads of success.

Rishi smiled and thanked. Dhani told him to disconnect the call get ready and not to be late on first day.

All the way to institute Dhani was smiling. She was basking in the bright light of success of her students. Took a sigh and said “This is my treasure”

Today education is a business for all. I believe still some Gurus do exist for whom earning is not important but their aim for life is success of their students and real treasure is when they remember you even after many years.

Bad throw but Good catch

Life throws opportunities which we try our best to catch as many as possible.

Susan was broken in all possible ways, she had mortgaged her house to pay for her boyfriends loan which she failed to pay the installments as she has lost the job due to closure of the shack.

Her boyfriend left her for a richer girl. Financially and emotionally broken Susan was walking on the beach, it was almost sunset time.

She found a strange sense of someone’s presence, as she looked back , a man in torn clothes, long hair and unshaved face with weary eyes was standing behind her.

She looked at him unemotionally and started moving forward. The man stopped her and asked ” Would you help me in cleaning that last shack I want to spend night there. (Bad throw) It was the shack where Susan used go work. She denied and moved on , he again stopped her and offered her money to help him clean.

Susan was surely in need of money , so she agreed. They cleaned the shack, while cleaning Susan shared about her emotional attachment with the shack.

Next morning she came back to shack as she had forgotten her favourite scarf. She could not believe her eyes. The shack was open with her name “Susy’s shack” and people were already enjoying their breakfast.

She looked at the payment counter and saw the same man, now well groomed, in a bright yellow flowery T-shirt and white shorts. He smiled at her and gestured her to take her seat at the counter.

Susan came closer, before she could ask anything , the man handed over the papers of the shack which mentioned that her ex boss has left her this shack in his will.

The man, was his son who was living abroad and wanted to test Susan’s true love for shack that is why he played all that scene last night.

We often fail to see that God is testing us.We kick opportunities off just because we are too engrossed in current bad situation.

Sometimes a bad throw is actually a good catch try it, you won’t regret

Why was she bold ?

As they say quick money is never good, because the quicker it comes the quicker it goes. How about the inheritance?

She was naive, beautiful and kind hearted like an angel. Her only fault was she could not judge people right.

Priya, was once upon a time, famous at a very tender age of 22 . She was rich by inheritance but had also paved her way to success on her own. Just graduated and starred her own business, within 6 months she was basking in the light of success. She was guest of honour, her interviews were being aired on local channels, newspapers used to be filled with her photos and interviews.

Yet, she failed. The biggest reason for her failure was trusting a wrong man to be her life partner. She winded up her business to be a housewife. Then she shifted to another city where she was married. Then after 12 years , like she had returned from exile, she got divorced. She had lost 12 years of her life. She could not revive them. Market to start same business had more competitors so there was no point.

She started over from zero. Lost the glory, lost the inheritance because of misunderstandings created by in laws to ensure that she is broken throughout physically, financially and emotionally.

She now did not care what people had to talk about her because they didn’t come to feed her in bad times, neither to save her.

She was ruthlessly bold. You can’t ask her “where she was?” Only reply ” I wasn’t at your place for sure.”

I saw your husband in “that area”, her reply would be” maybe he was there for his desires what were you doing there, if you were following him you should have told me, I can get you job in detective agency or even as a pimp.”

She belonged to a good family, her boldness was the result of the society’s behaviour towards a single again lady who had lost glory but still was fighting for last remaining thing her “dignity and self respect”

never make fun of those who were once on top because we never know what they have been through and what battles they are still fighting.

Destiny- is God responsible for everything?

Whenever we are unable to validate a particular incident or turn of life, we blame it on destiny.

Shalini was madly in love with Ramesh. It was definitely not an ideal match according to Shalini’s father. They were affluent and Ramesh was lower middle class. Her father tried to show her consequences of her decision to marry Ramesh but she was adamant.At last , her father surrendered and gave his blessings for the marriage

Shalini who used to be successful businesswoman was now a housewife. Within six months of marriage, it was crystal clear that marriage was for money ehich they didn’t get as much as expected.She was treated like a piece of furniture, sometimes even faced physical torture, she was forced for relationship, insulted publicaly and sometimes if she tried to input her thoughts in some family discussions she would be sent away to make tea or snacks.

She shared this with her dad. Father reacted as if knew this day would come. Soon Shalini got divorce. However, the scars of being treated badly, being physically and mentally tortured remained with her forever. She never married again.

When we read this, some would say Shalini was stupid she should have listened to her father and some would say it was destined that’s why besides knowing the consequences she went ahead.

I feel, God is not always responsible but emotions are. As a human we tend to be emotional fool when we feel that we are in love.

what do you think?

It was fair for him

Akash was married, father of 2 kids and husband of a beautiful wife. At the same time, on a dating site he was rich and handsome guy.

His wife, Alka was a home maker, she had left her advertising career after her first pregnancy. Akash was a businessman earning well enough so both seemed to be okay with Alka not doing any job and be a homemaker.

They will go on a long vacation at least twice a year and weekend gateways too were usual.

on the contrary, Akash was not happily married as per his dating site. His wife was working and too busy for him. He justified to his friends that his this profile was giving him new perspective to live. Having physical relationship with other lady who did know that he is married wasn’t cheating because the lady was doing it by her choice.

Extra maritals are quite common now but is it really fair? No matter how sour the relationship is but if one cannot be loyal to his /her partner would they be loyal to someone outside marriage?

Let it be nameless

Pallavi and Jagdeep came to know each other when they were going through worst times of their life.

Pallavi had just gone through a nightmare called ‘divorce’ and Jagdeep was in deep waters of debt. Both had one thing in common ‘will power to stay afloat’

They met each other for business purposes became business partner. Jagdeep had already invested in the business and Pallavi added investment to become partner.

Soon beyond business partners they came to know about each other’s struggles. Jagdeep opened doors to his house and Pallavi found a family.

Pallavi taught Jagdeep to stick to his decisions rather than flickering with each good opportunity. Jagdeep taught Pallavi meditation to stabilise the emotional turbulence which she was going through.

On her birthday she asked Jagdeep to marry her. Jagdeep replied “some relationships are beautiful without name, sometimes we mess it up just because we want to give it a name”, I don’t want to mess this relationship let it be nameless.

For a while Pallavi was disheartened. Soon they realised that the business is no longer in demand and they need to part ways. Jagdeep went to hometown to join his father and Pallavi went to bigger city with better professional opportunities.

Today, after 10 years when they met, Jagdeep was married and also father of a child and Pallavi was flourishing in her profession.

However, Jagdeep was still in debt and not in a very good condition. That day, he told Pallavi, some relationship are better the way they are isn’t it? She smiled and nodded in agreement.

Not all relationships need a name isn’t it ?

Mother’s day- just once in a year ?

I know, many of us must have heard or read it many a times that celebrating mother’s day just once in a year isn’t fair for her. She doesn’t take leaves, neither she takes any salary and many more such things.

A child and a mother’s relationship is not limited to life on earth, it’s beyond those days. A mother has relationship with child 9 months more than anyone else. She heard it when child was hungry in her womb, she knew the cravings of her child even before his /her birth.

Beyond this, there is one more mother who although doesn’t share more than anyone else but she knows her child better than anyone else, that is every single woman. It’s a God’s Gift, a woman is never ruthless because the heart given to her is of a mother which is filled with love, care and empathy. She knows her father’s,mother’s brother’s, husband’s, in-laws, everyone needs. She makes sure no one sleeps empty stomach that is why she is annapurna (goddess of food), she saves for rainy days that is why she is Laxmi(goddess of wealth), she is treasure of knowledge from household to worldly matter she knows it all trust her instincts you will never regret. That is why she is Saraswati (Goddess of education & creativity)

Let us celebrate mother’s day for every woman who may or may not be a mother but who is definitely “Annapurna, Laxmi and Saraswati”

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